Simplex is the simplest accounting decision you can make.

Buy a Simplex Accounting Box, drop in your receipts after you've highlighted the totals, send the box back to us and we'll take care of your accounting. That's it.

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Easy to use

Buy a Simplex Accounting Box, gather your receipts, use the provided highlighter to highlight the total and place them in the box to be returned to our accountants. It's that simple.

Save money

Don’t want to pay expensive accountancy fees? Simplex makes tax a lot less taxing, offering you an easy-to-use accountancy service without having to pay accountancy level fees.

Perfect for you

Perfect for a range of businesses and sole traders such as contractors, startups and limited companies. We're the only industry-specific accounting service.

Special offer

Buy a Simplex Accounting Box for just £200, with the option to pay over 4 interest-free instalments. Buy now.